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A Touch of Red and a Little Bit of Lace

Holding true to the notion that ‘black is always in style’, especially throughout the winter, Christmas or NOT, a touch of red and a little bit of lace makes any ensemble more luxurious and

Glamorous Gold and Fedora Love

Classic Wool Fedora and Tamara Pogosian Halter Dress I have recently not only been perpetually inspired and find myself immersed in finding the most suitable and superior shoe of the moment but have been lured into the world of hats. Not to say that I was not fond of them before but there is something about adorning your head with a classic vintage fedora that feels superbly but subtly sexy.

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PUT A BOW ON IT! – Romantic Sophistication

Ohhhh Valentino! I am deeply in LOVE……again. I have seen so many gorgeous heels adorned with bowties in various fabrics, designs and textures. Each variation in the ‘several’ heels I decided to share are beautiful on their own.  On the left, the Valentino Lace d’Orsay pump in delicate lace. The lace here is a demonstration of the feminine but sexy effect it can provide while ofcourse always adding an especially romantic feeling.  The Feather Trim Slingback Sandal  in black suede is a

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All I want for Christmas!

Yes… I know! Those are not shoes. They are champagne truffles from La Maison.  I am delighted to have my wishlist featured on ferOHHsh.com as part of a series this month of fantasy and attainable finds from fellow bloggers.  In addition to these delectable champagne infused truffles with a smooth chocolate ganache center, I was sure to include the Christian Louboutin OTK boots and the gorgeous Valentino pumps i so adore.  Hope

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Oh Valentino… I’m in love!

These Suede T-Strap Valentino’s with a 4 and 1/2 inch heel are just one of those heels that have me in awww. They are elegant and I believe any woman would feel beautiful with these on.  Italian made with a leather lining and sole and a beautiful bow make this heel truly sexy and flirtatious.  Also, I must add that a strap on a heel over 4 inches always adds that added support

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