London Run!

I would be happy to provide snap shots running in new cities around the world every week. Surely makes it more interesting in my opinion. Until then, as promised, here are some overdue photos with my Nikes in London, in the last week of August.

Nikes in Berlin….

Where in the world have you been running lately? Here are a few photos I took while running in Berlin last month, from Siegessäule to Brandenburg Tor and the Reichstag Building. Your running shoes can always fit in your suitcase. Just get out there and run… You never know what you will ‘run’ into! It is all part of the journey!

My running shoes. The soles closest to my heart!

A lovely moment in my NIKES! Yes. That’s me. I know. Do not worry. I am simultaneously brainstorming of the tempting sexy heels to enjoy during this soon to be over summer and the exciting pumps and boots that make me excited about fall. Forgive me for the blurry photo. I felt that the subliminal meaning and significance  took precedence.  I truly do feel amazing and uplifted when in a

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