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Miu Miu Starfish sandals; gem embellished and shimmering against lustrous gold leather straps are eye catching. Although, it is a valid statement to stand tall and put on those heels that elevate your presence, there are moments in time in which we all want to wear flat sandals during the summer. Whether wearing a romantic silk dress, jeans or any summer white ensemble, gem embellished sandals are relaxed but still

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Glamorous Gold and Fedora Love

Classic Wool Fedora and Tamara Pogosian Halter Dress I have recently not only been perpetually inspired and find myself immersed in finding the most suitable and superior shoe of the moment but have been lured into the world of hats. Not to say that I was not fond of them before but there is something about adorning your head with a classic vintage fedora that feels superbly but subtly sexy.

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