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Boots are Made for Walking

Boots are made for walking and there’s nothing like an amazing black leather boot with an edge!  I wanted to zone in a some truly lust worthy boots that are not only striking but also those you can actually walk in.

Gold Buckle Boots

Ankle boots with a touch of gold and more precisely, gold ‘buckles’ seem to add just the right amount of character with a classic Ferragamo or those Choos with a sense of biker chic. I wear the boots above, with just about everything recently.


CLASSIC BLACK LEATHER BOOTS Every woman should have a pair of brown or black leather boots for the winter season that suits her style and personality. Above are Varda below the knee boots! The pointed toe and slightly narrow but moderate heel pair well with skinny jeans or winter dresses. Most important, the leather molds to your foot after time and they fit better after you wear them more. I

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