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Black and Gold Retro with Marni Heels

These Marni ankle strap heels are a little retro and architecturally edgy. I so often take photos of shoes that inspire me and spotted this suede sandal at Marni in SOHO on Fashion’s Night Out last week. The solid hourglass heel with gold straps and white ivy pattern present a classic color combination and bold presence at once. Without the gold touch, this sandal would not possess the same character.

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Jimmy Choo Jazz Pump in Black Leather and Pink Leopard – HOT! HOT!

I spotted these gorgeous Jimmy Choos, (also seen on Blake Lively on Gossip Girl) inside the window at Gito in Englwood, NJ after my Saturday workout and was lured inside to get a closer look of this one of a kind, Italian made ankle strap pump.  The Jazz at 4 1/2 inches, with criss cross black leather straps seem to emit a sense of strength while the narrow heel and pointed but slightly round toe provide a feminine

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