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I embarked on an experiment of sorts and captured some fabulous soles spotted on other enthusiastic fashion lovers at Lincoln Center this past Monday. While we all have our own style, Fashion Week surely provides an atmosphere for everyone to exhibit their chosen style of the moment and unique approach to fashion often by means of bold colors or  accessories that make them stand out from the crowd. I must

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This past Monday I had a chance to visit the ALDO40 EXPO in Montreal. Here are some images I captured from the gallery at the pop up exhibit representing the story of ALDO’s 40 years; displaying cultural inspiration and creativity that have and continue to influence the innovation of the brand.

Royally Beautiful in Blue Heels

Miu Miu suede platform sandals Spring is here and it’s time to take out those heels that have been hiding in your closet but also try something new! This time of year can represent a breathe of fresh air.¬† I spend a good part of the winter in my black leather boots and tights (which I am sure many other ladies can relate with) so the gradually warmer air gets

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