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Have you tried DoctorInsole Orthotic Insoles ?

Have you tried DoctorInsole orthotic insoles? I imagine that if you have had orthotic inserts of any kind per your doctor’s recommendation , they were most likely costly with or without insurance. Plus, there’s the process of getting fitted of course. DoctorInsole is the first

Run Free: Why do you run?

Why do you run? Many of us run for different reasons. As some might say, what is your excuse to run? or what do you run for? You may decide to start running for a cause or train for an event. Whatever your reason to run, Run Free and be thankful you can.

London Run!

I would be happy to provide snap shots running in new cities around the world every week. Surely makes it more interesting in my opinion. Until then, as promised, here are some overdue photos with my Nikes in London, in the last week of August.

Nikes in Berlin….

Where in the world have you been running lately? Here are a few photos I took while running in Berlin last month, from Siegessäule to Brandenburg Tor and the Reichstag Building. Your running shoes can always fit in your suitcase. Just get out there and run… You never know what you will ‘run’ into! It is all part of the journey!

Summer Running with a View

Summer running can have it’s caveats. Venturing out to run those long runs when the humidity is on the rise and the sun is blazing can be a challenge in more ways than one. Below is a collage of some of my favorite running pieces for summer. A bit of a tribute to radiant orchid being the color of the year! A vibrant and confident way to run in style!

NIKES in PARIS: Running on La Seine

That’s me in my red Nikes in Paris! Part of the joy of visiting any location, particularly Paris in my opinion is making the time, sunrise, sunset or a cloudy afternoon, to explore the city by going on a long run. You are able to absorb the landscape and architecture but also the energy AND exercise at the same time! I often find that I will discover much more from

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So maybe i have taken the whole red shoes to a new level BUT I love my NIKE running shoes and there is something so alive about wearing them in such a vibrant color! I have shown nikes before but had the Pegasus 28 and these seem to have more cushion

New Nikes! Running shoes

Running shoes are ultimately the most important shoes in my closet. Although I only use them to run and well they never end up in the closet because I wear them often! These are my new Nike Air Pegasus 28 with bright pink soles. The color scheme is out of the ordinary for my style but it is growing on me. I think I like them better than the blue

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Sharing is Caring – Soles4Souls Collects Shoes

Soles4Souls collects shoes which are provided to victims of devastated countries and disaster regions like Katrina in addition to micro-business initiatives in poverty stricken countries.  Every dollar donated goes toward a pair of shoes!!  I have learned about Soles4Souls over the past year or so and felt that while myself and many shoe aficionados are obsessed with finding the most suitable shoes for every occasion it would be great to

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