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Inspiring Locales in New York for Digital Nomads to Work, Meet and Relax

Inspiring locales in New York,¬†specifically cafes and hotel lounges meant to appeal towards ‘one’ crowd or social circle may feel restricting and that is not the agenda here.¬† One reality is the emergence of digital nomads or freelancers in the evolving global landscape.

Embrace Autumn, As You Are, Keep walking!

Embrace Autumn, ‘As You Are’ wherever you are, with intention and more faith in your own intuition. Those are sentiments reverberating through my mind to keep the mental stamina in tact. Despite the frustrations and

Size Matters

  Size matters! I am referring to your shoe size now! Hold your thoughts there and focus. Yes. That is my size above, give or take a half.¬† I suppose I like capturing the shoe before it gets all dirty and touches the pavement.

Have you tried DoctorInsole Orthotic Insoles ?

Have you tried DoctorInsole orthotic insoles? I imagine that if you have had orthotic inserts of any kind per your doctor’s recommendation , they were most likely costly with or without insurance. Plus, there’s the process of getting fitted of course. DoctorInsole is the first

What does Fabulous Soles represent?

What does Fabulous Soles represent ? This is a question I have been meaning to address in my mind and to express with those who have read stories and connected with me overtime. An honest confession is that I often have had the dilemma of how to define my myself in general

Manolo Blahnik at Rizzoli New York

On the second day of New York Fashion Week, many devoted fans came to see Manolo Blahnik at Rizzoli New York. He made an appearance with Andre Leon Talley, former editor at large of Vogue, for a conversation about life, film, and his true inspirations to coincide with the launch of his most recent book.  Notably, the coffee table

Run Free: Why do you run?

Why do you run? Many of us run for different reasons. As some might say, what is your excuse to run? or what do you run for? You may decide to start running for a cause or train for an event. Whatever your reason to run, Run Free and be thankful you can.

London Run!

I would be happy to provide snap shots running in new cities around the world every week. Surely makes it more interesting in my opinion. Until then, as promised, here are some overdue photos with my Nikes in London, in the last week of August.