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Summer Love!! With Barneys Warehouse Sale

Remember that saying on Sex and the City when ‘Carrie’ says……”If you are a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys!” You might not be ready to waltz into Barneys and grab a pair of timeless pointy toe Manolo pumps or Aquazurra snakeskin sandals BUT Barneys Warehouse Sale on the other hand is amazing and forgiving on the wallet!

Soul Confessions – Joie de Vivre

How can you not love those days in the summer when all you need to be wearing is a simple black bikini and a smile. I surely do not take those days for granted. While I still have my mind on white Bond Girl bikini, you can’t go wrong with classic black, red toe nails and a light fedora or large brim hat! Work the hats!

Win a Stylish Zkin Camera Bag

Our most precious and essential soles always travel with us on any journey and for many of us, so does your camera!  Traditional camera bags are not the most fashionable accessories.  As many of you can relate, whether planning to share my new running shoes or enjoying Paris in my LK Bennett pumps, I like to have my Nikon on many occasions.

Nautical July 4th on the Mystic Sailboat at Lincoln Harbor

This July 4th I was glad to attend the Fireworks Extravaganza at Lincoln Harbor on the Mystic Sailboat, held by Oceanie Club. Not surprisingly, in addition to enjoying the atmosphere along the water and taking in the best view of the fireworks I have ever had, how can you not embrace the dress code? >> ‘white with a nautical flair’! While I did not have shoes in red white and

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Fedora Love

Fedoras might ignite nostalgia of men with charisma and confidence to the likes of handsome Humphrey Boghart wearing Borsalino in Casablanca or even Mad Men’s Don Draper circa 1965, but the term fedora actually came to recognition when worn by the female character of Princess Fedora in an 1882 play written by Victorien Sordou. A reminder of how trends evolve from one decade to the next and films can influence  or represent

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Springtime Suede and Vintage Inspired Lace

Wearing a Diane von Furstenburg lace zarita dress in navy paired with Claudia Ciuti jaguar suede pumps in a beige hue and vintage 1950s Stetson fedora. Truth be told, I bought these shoes two months ago and have been wearing them recently whether during the day with a little black dress, or paired with skinny jeans if weather permits! (Yes. that is the only downside.) Suede protector to be applied

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