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Hi there. I’m Eileen.  Fabulous Soles is a spaced dedicated to not only sharing an admiration for amazing shoes but also a curated selection of inspiring stories, tips and adventures for the woman seeking to be a little bolder and braver each day!

‘Fabulous Soles’ in essence is as a means of symbolism.  It does not only represent the ‘shoes’ we love.  It is an energy; a state of mind; an extension of our emotions at times without having to speak.


Fabulous Soles had started of as an exercise to start a unique blog a while back. There have been times I had admittedly neglected to keep the momentum of my writing through a few of life’s ups and downs  but my passion and desire to share a sense of energy and expression still endures.  As time went on, I began to take more of my own photos of spontaneous adventures aka running through Paris (as I believe that’s really one of the best ways to explore and exercise!) and curating style features.   I am glad to share shoe tips, and seek to expand more with a focus on interviews with style entrepreneurs plus inspirational stories and events.

I hope that those reading are compelled to embrace a sense of boldness and of course enjoy the more monumental life moments in shoes that make you feel stronger, stand taller, and walk with a sense of confidence that you know you have already in there!

I have always gone back to the feeling that ‘it is not only the shoes you wear but where they travel with you’ that matters and the memories and experiences wearing them. Life can pass us by.

‘Wear your soles fearlessly a little more each day!’

(Preferably in amazing shoes!)

– Eileen

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Profile Photo by Omar Soto