Size Matters


Size matters!

I am referring to your shoe size now! Hold your thoughts there and focus. Yes. That is my size above, give or take a half.  I suppose I like capturing the shoe before it gets all dirty and touches the pavement.

Spontaneous to post a random little story of sorts here but I felt compelled to share.  Maybe something I should do more often when a situation worth telling arises whether related to shoes or where shoes have traveled! WHY NOT! Hence this is a bit free form and unedited to a degree.

Mental Note.  Often something that might seem obvious or understood perhaps it is NOT so.

Yesterday evening I could not help but notice a woman in a pink albeit classy sheath dress, all dolled up exiting her apartment with crutches in hand, slowly finding her way down the 3 or 4 steps that led to the sidewalk.  She was managing, even if a bit wobbly but it seemed she might need a hand.  When I asked her nonchalantly if she would like a little help, she appreciated the offer but preferred to maneuver her way on her own.  This woman was polished, hair down but styled and still wearing a pair of moderate but classic creme colored pointy toe pumps (I think they were creme….. I may be mistaken but that is not the point.)  She believed in putting on her Sunday evening best regardless of the crutches and I’ll surely applaud her effort!

Notably, there is true significance to putting oneself together in our ‘strong look’ even when we’re a bit broken; literally or figuratively in our minds.

Yes. Yes. I know…. Well what is the point here you must be thinking. Why does size matter?!  I had to ask. What happened?  She went on to explain that this happened at a restaurant as she merely tripped in her heels! Oh my I could not help but think there had to be a minor detail missing.  After adding that she was left unable to walk for ‘X’ number of weeks and then now will be in crutches for ‘X’ number of weeks, she elaborated on the circumstances.  Please note I did not record her exact injury but unable to walk for any number of weeks and then crutches is not to be taken lightly whatever the prognosis was.  “I wore these shoes that were too big! I am really an 8.5 but thought I could wear a 9.5 anyway.”  OK! This woman may have been in her late 60s. I am not really sure.  Aside from that though, she had a great figure and told me she was a tap dancer! Fabulous. Well she won’t be tap dancing for a bit now.  A tough one for sure and said she could maker her way to Mellon’s on her own.  I hope in a few weeks time, or a month, she will be tap dancing away and I have a feeling her shoes are pretty.

“I wore these shoes that were too big! I am really an 8.5 but thought I could wear a 9.5 anyway.”

Of course, sometimes with ‘heels’ in particular, if the difference is only a matter of a half-size, adjustments can be made to ‘make the shoe fit’.  Stretching the leather when you need a touch more room, OR adding inserts aka insoles (DoctorInsoles for example) or arhches such as InstantArches which will fill in a bit of space when you need it.  Similarly, grip is just as important and having Vibram placed on the sole either permanently or with temporary adhesive soles such as SaveYourSole designer shoe soles (a partnership with Vibram) or sole stickers.  These items and tricks can be helpful but there is a limit.

Moral of the story:

I know sometimes you really want a shoe to fit but it is not worth it! Yes. You might never be able to find that exact shoe in your size OR getting what you like would require full price and a custom order.  Go ahead if you can BUT if not, deal with it.

It is clearly better to cherish a few shoes that fit ‘just right’ than convincing oneself to ‘fit in’ to shoes in your favorite color but you cannot walk in them!

Quality over quantity can take on another meaning here.  It doesn’t matter how plush the leather is or how soft the suede and fierce the shoe, fit matters.  Some of us have wide feet and will never fit into a narrow shoe. So be it. Move along. Once again. Size matters!

Experience can be the true lesson, as in many aspects of life, small and large, some events we can try to avoid!

Sometimes the shoe simply DOES NOT FIT! and it’s NOT meant to be!


Photo taken with Iphone by Eileen Marie