Shoes at Custo Barcelona – Spring 2016

The shoes at Custo Barcelona ‘s Spring – Summer 2016 runway presentation are eye catching and noteworthy on their own for sure! Custo Barcelona’s runway show at New York Fashion Week each year, is known to be a favorite show to attend each season, captivating the audience with a sense of vibrant energy in the air.  Custo Barcelona, a Spanish design house maintains a signature style of tribal graphics in bold colors and a mix of fabrics and textures.  Personally, I adore Custo Barcelona’s theme for this collection.

‘Slow’ is inspired by a culinary movement that ‘rejects a standardization of taste and defends creative, slow cooking’.

Mixing style and clothing with the sense of creative calm that can come from cooking or what you wear for that dinner party in the Spring mixes two facets of life that are so vital – style and cuisine! The theme provides insight into the inspiration for the clearly intricate and elaborate details which you can also see on each piece of the well thought out collection.

Focusing on a sense of modernity and creativity, ‘Slow’ is meant to celebrate the character of a ‘woman who is unique and with her own rebellious style’.

Enlivening, the shoes may feel a little wild but mature. Pointy toe heels, wrap around lattice ankle straps add suede a sense of femininity and playfulness for Spring. Black and white or checkered pink and ocean blue hues pair perfectly with Custo Barcelona’s vivacious dresses and truly unique designs invoking a vision of sun and energy and representative of the Barcelona heritage of the brand. The shoes alone, meshing patchwork with leather and suede in rich hues are art in themselves and great statement shoes if worn outside the collection as well with jeans or classic white cotton dresses! Of course, the  silhouettes in geometric patterns and prints with a touch of 70’s influence whether crocheted bikinis or long sleeve dresses cinched at the waist are fun and sophisticated all at once.  A great reason for those black and navy obsessed to jump out of our comfort zones!

The men’s sport shoes below showcase ‘the carefree elegance of the Mediterranean man’ with geometric prints and bright hues.  Take me to Barcelona! I hope this man is wearing a crisp white suit and shares an affection for fedoras in the sun!

Vying to get a glimpse of the shoes at Custo Barcelona, a few close ups from backstage before the show on Thursday at Pier 59 Studios.

Custo Barcelona SS16 Lace Up Pointy Toe

Custo Barcelona SS16 Green Sport Shoe

Glad to share snaps of the photos from backstage, here is a link to the full Custo Barcelona SS16 collection from Vogue.

Photography: FashonStockTV and Michael Clubine