Autumn – Smoking Slippers

Autumn brings a new state of mind and pointy toe smoking slippers are a serious but notably feminine alternative to heels.  A valid middle ground and a great way to embrace a pair of versatile flats on less formal days OR whenever you are just NOT in the mood! (Unless you are meeting a very important person I must add. On that note, suck it up and put on your most convincing, serious and bold heels you have!)  I will honor this suggestion of course for any very important occasion that may arise whether it be a business meeting OR a dinner with a very worthy man even if the slippers are in that big purse! No fancy driver? Keep the big purse! Trying to save on cab fares? Rather walk and enjoy the evening air or just need some exercise? Carry these inside their felt covers in your bag! So let’s be clear, on certain occasions, there is no excuse (aside from serious serious medical issues which prevent you from wearing a heel). Until you can say you have no need to ever impress, some moments call for a sense of protocol. Heels are most suitable for serious engagements!

Well, as long as we have those issues addressed, put on a pair of smoking slippers. Suede, patent leather, velvet, leather, silk, or satin. Embossed, studded, covered with gems! Go for it.

Smoking slippers are also often referred to as  smoking flats or Venetian loafers. (Nancy Friedman wrote a nice post on the various names and some tidbits about the history) While in the past, they were most associated with men’s shoes and for the bedroom, pointy toe slippers add a sense of femininity to black and navy pieces whether french riding pants, a layered dress or skinny jeans with somewhat of a relaxed appeal and ‘feeling’.

Red, navy, black and gold are really best if you treasure versatility but I am still loving the studded velvet slippers in rose by Tomas Maier. (You can also see a recent snap of these from the window display on Madison Ave. on my Instagram.)

I have had these Autograf New York cashmere suede pointy toe smoking slippers since last winter  and had compiled photos wearing them on different occasions.  They are Italian made, leather sole and lining and the suede is vibrant and soft.  They add an instant sense of boldness for sure! The only downside is I am worried to get them dirty. A suede brush should be kept handy even if you use a suede protectant before wearing. These do come in patent leather and leather as well but the red had my affection.

Note:  To learn more about the Regina – pointy toe cashmere suede smoking slippers  featured in this post, check them out at Autograf New York. You can also view an interview I wrote for EPN Magazine last year highlighting the designer’s mission to make shoes in all sizes inspired by her long time struggle with a larger shoe size and difficulty finding shoes that fit!

Red Suede Smoking Slippers Vertical

Red Suede Smoking Slippers on the Steps Perry Street West Village

Red Suede Smoking Slippers on Coffee Table

Below…. pointy toe slippers and loafers in a mix of textures and hues:

Photo By: Photos Above Taken with Iphone 6 by Eileen Marie