Winter Leather Love

Winter Leather is hard not to fall in love with! Perhaps less complicated than that other form of love. Hence, in the meantime, warm yourself up in a new leather coat! Wearing a luxurious leather piece; top OR bottom (one or the other) adds a sense of prowess and edge to your look.  Aside from the essential leather boots (I am still coveting those gold buckles!), a warm leather jacket can become your signature piece paired with jeans and dresses alike AND keep you warm! That really is the point isn’t it! Of course, there are leather pants! Shouldn’t we have at least one pair of those?!

I have had my leather Mackage jacket for the third winter now but still love it! Maybe I like the fact that I also bought it in Montreal and remember putting it on right away and wearing it for a 7 hour drive! It was a slightly emotional purchase BUT I do not regret it at all! Sometimes retail therapy is not a bad thing.  Let’s say there are those moments when a leather jacket can make you feel a bit empowered!! Always my alternative to the winter wool coat on less formal days!

Being only two days after Christmas and well I just love a ‘little bit’ of red, it felt suiting to mix in a few red accessories.  A Burberry tote does not need to be worn with a trench!  Red leather gloves are not only fun but hey, you might not lose them as easily and a pair of gloves are a necessity and I truthfully do not understand wearing wool gloves that leave you feeling helpless!

Mix it up with a touch of leather that will stay with you for years to come!


Choose a Leather Luxury for “YOU”!


Many of the gold buckle boots below, from the elegant Fratelli Rosetti knee high riding boots and Barneys Warehouse studded bikers boots and are on SALE!