Fringe Boots

Feeling a bit adventurous? Fringe boots or even the term fringe is making me feel slightly outlandish. If normally teetering on the side of simplicity and items lacking much embellishment, fringe boots or fringe skirts and the like are still versatile.  My sentiment is that now is as suiting a time as any to step out of that comfort zone! Perhaps personally in that continual crazy mode.  (Take it as it is!) Boots with a little touch of character are surely an acceptable mode of expression.

Boots are absolutely essential for the next five months. Pointy toe suede Aquazurra boots with fringe that swings back and forth with your every motion as you fervently but confidently arrive to any occasion, will surely NOT suffice as an every day boot.  Add some excitement to your wardrobe and fun to your wardrobe they will.  Perfect with a dress with those tights underneath when it gets more frigid!

This fringe frenzy is not confined to boots! A black suede leather handbag with room to fit your ‘life and more’, is a worthwhile winter luxury. Tamara Mellon’s ever evolving collections of mature but edgy staples deserve mention. Wearing that leather fringe skirt with a pair of pointy to pumps or more classic solid heel is a great way to mix it up and integrate that statement piece with those every day items keeping you warm and looking forward to crisp air.

Focusing on black and red is perhaps a habit but when splurging any one lust worthy item, in supple shiny leather or soft suede, sticking to the basics works best.  Maybe when I think of fringe, the 80’s come to mind, with images of wild hair and too much hair spray BUT with a modern edge and luxe textures, fringe adds a playful element and a softer touch to bold pieces. I am feeling the fringe!