Run Free: Why do you run?


Why do you run? Many of us run for different reasons.  As some might say, what is your excuse to run? or what do you run for?  You may decide to start running for a cause or train for an event. While running a half marathon soon is the plan, personally I do not need a specific event ahead to run or to be training for one thing. This thought came to mind because at a running group recently, (where we learned some great tips about a method called ‘Chi Running‘), I was asked what I was training for.  I said, ‘nothing now’. The guest instructor said well nothing wrong with that. “You train for life.”  I thought, yes true. It just makes me feel better.  Why not!?  Not to say it solves all your problems but it can be a way to zone out and get your blood flowing!  Obviously, with my hopefully continued running journals from Berlin to London, and snap shots of favorite running views near home, running is not only my main way to stay fit but an ‘excuse’ to explore when able.

With all this mind,  on two Saturdays recently, I was lucky to have been a test subject of sorts for 2 photo sessions with the photographer Michael Clubine of Outeractive who focuses on sport.  Here I am sharing some of the photos from both locations.  The first set of photos were taken in the evening at Liberty State Park, facing the Freedom Tower.  If you want a terrific view of downtown Manhattan and the Freedom Tower lighting up, go there! The other session below was at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was fun to explore both locations for inspiring settings and views but also interesting to get a glimpse of how we run and understand how we would want to improve our posture.  Of course selecting a vibrant outfit was part of the deal and I embraced those colors!

Clockwise from top: Nike Pro Bra; Dri Fit Tank; Nike Pegasus Shoes; Nike Pro 3″ Shorts

I found the photo along the Hudson with the Freedom Tower in the background to be symbolic in a sense.  Frustrations can get the best of us and life can be tough in various ways for everyone.  Let us reflect though and remember that if we are healthy enough to run and run where we want, either alone or with friends, we have some things to keep in mind. Running or any sport is what can make you feel more alive inside and out. These activities make us feel free! Running, biking or dancing in the rain.… life is still precious and let’s make the most of it.

Freedom Tower Run Nike Pro

Liberty Park Run Tree

Liberty Park at Night Nike Pro


This past Saturday morning,  we attempted to catch the sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The clouds may not have allowed for the best ‘sunrise’ but we managed to capture some fun shots. (Worth waking up at 445 on Saturday morning) Running back and forth without running into people was one task but I found it quite intriguing and inspiring to see all the people running and walking over the bridge that early! There is an energy that is contagious.

Oh and ‘running for croissants’ is always a great idea! Yes. Do NOT feel guilty.  If I must share, the croissants at Almondine Bakery in Dumbo were as buttery and flaky as can be.  If you run with me, I would say,’ just think about croissants! Keep going’!

Brooklyn Brige Run in the wires

Brooklyn Run Free Stairs
This photo reminds me that I can be a fighter and get through things.  Love that T-Shirt and have had it for a couple years.  Serious look but makes me laugh.


Look and feel great in that dress!

Absorb the atmosphere wherever in that early hour.

Mental strength. 

Stress relief.

More energy.


Peace. (If possible, leave your phone or put it on Airplane mode to zone out!)

Whatever your reason to run, Run Free and be thankful you can.  Many of us may have a different reason to want to simply run, to run faster or reach that distance. 

Please share your reasons to run below!

* Photos via Michael Clubine