Fall Flats – Driving Shoes

Loving these LK Bennett driving shoes.  Flats, driving shoes, loafers, moccasins….. Whichever you prefer to call them, flats are more so than ever understood to be a true wardrobe staple for serious ladies and men alike.  The classic driving shoe, often referred to as the ‘car shoe‘ for men, is no exception.  In search of a pair of  ‘driving shoes’ for quite some time now, the LK Bennett Gail ‘drivers’ in red are fabulous! Comfortable, no nonsense shoes in supple grainy leather.  Of course, there is a time and a place for everything, and those classic black pumps are not to be substituted, I have been finding myself making excuses to wear these.  By the way, various terms thrown around, this style is what would be considered a true driving shoe since it has the rubber tab at the back of the heel designed to protect the shoe from being damaged as it is common the leather on the heel is often scratched and worn down very quickly.

Over the past month or more, after snatching up these shoes from the LK Bennett store in London’s Marylbone, I took some vertical snap shots in these red drivers. While ‘black is always in style’, red adds that sense of vibrant energy and is best worn as an accessory in my opinion! With jeans, black and white or nautical pinstripes, red adds a bold but feminine touch despite being so casual. By the way, for those that do not mind carrying that spare pair of shoes in their bag, or are always thinking ahead, I often carry these to put on if my feet get tired while wearing my heels.  They might stay in the bag, but that security of comfort is reassuring…  Yes. I am a bag lady! With good intention!

Picturing yourself driving up north (in that smooth Porsche engine or Rugged Range Rover while not getting a speeding ticket of course) through the autumn foliage with your shades on, warm leather jacket, heels in the back seat, wearing red driving shoes sounds like a nice weekend plan! Let’s add that handsome man with a proper attention span too! (I think I am on to something!) The destination is the least of the journey!

You should feel great in your shoes whichever chapter of your journey you happen to be experiencing!

A classic and versatile while somewhat serious shoe.  Your feet will like the way they feel too!

LK Bennett Red Driving Shoes

Red Driving Loafers Leopard Dress

Red Driving Loafers w Italian Skirt

Red Driving Loafers and Marc Jacobs Bag