London Run!

I would be happy to provide snap shots running in new cities around the world every week.  Surely makes it more interesting in my opinion.  Until then, as promised, here are some overdue photos of my morning London run(s) in the last week of August.  These photos were from two different days. One morning I ran through Marylebone Street over to Regent’s park and was mesmerized by the lush flowers and just absorbed the atmosphere.  From glistening white swans to beautiful gardens, it must be appreciated.  That surely was not a speedy run as I was easily distracted (as usual) but surely worth it. Also, I had a sore throat coming on, so grabbed a tea beforehand and took it easy.

The next morning I ventured along Park Lane toward Buckingham Palace and through St. James Park until I was at the Thames standing next to Big Ben. Maybe a bit touristy BUT it was a beautiful day and standing above on the bridge is just a breathe of fresh air.

If you are not familiar, the sculpture below is one of Julian Marinetti’s bronze sculptures.  Since spotting his Doggy John bulldog in Paris and on Central Park West at Champs Elysees gallery, I am a big fan. So vibrant and well they just make me smile! Lucky for me that his works were displayed at The Dorchester this summer. I snapped this photo along with a few others, running past.



Becoming more and more a fan of fresh juice these days, and a never ending affection for an original cafe that that melds a sense of romance with nostalgia and modern culture, I had to include a photo here of Carmina and Lancelot. From wine to breakfasts and fresh squeezed juice, and a beautiful arrangement of floral decor to periodicals and an Italian wine bar aesthetic in Marylebone. I will surely be back whenever I make it to London again (hopefully sooner than later)! So below, in an attempt to fight off the cold that kept creeping up, I did not regret having a ginger, carrot and orange juice! (Perfect combination!!! Vitamix blender on my wish list for that very much anticipated future house warming!)  Yes. Maybe that was going off on a tangent. It was delicious though.

Truthfully, what I like to express with sharing these (no filter) running snap shots is that while I do crave a good workout and when friendly competition presents itself, I can kick it up a notch (I have been kick boxing btw) but the nice thing about going for a run even within a scheduled hour when traveling, it is good exercise and relaxing at the same time.  Some of us explore on our bikes, others on our feet. It really is a multipurpose excursion.  Do what suits you!

Brandenburg Tor 15 Aug 2014


Julian Marinetti Bear The Dorchester
Julian Marinetti’s panda (Ba) at The Dorchester

Regents Park Swan 8-'14

Regents Park Flowers Aug '14

Carmina and Lancelot Marylbone LondonCarmina and Lancelot

Where have ‘you’ been running lately?

Comment below about where you have run lately and a discovery that you remembered most along the way.  

I would love to hear your stories. xoxo