Nikes in Berlin….

Where in the world have you been running lately?  Here are some photos of my ‘Nikes in Berlin’ last month from Siegessäule to Brandenburg Tor and the Reichstag Building.  These photos are surely delayed as I am sporadic lately with sharing on here.  As it is my nature of expression, to delve into such tangents and mesh narrative of my most coveted shoes or lust worthy attire, with references to a misunderstanding of men perhaps and a dreamy vision of wearing that trench in my version of a James Bond adventure, I will keep it a slightly shorter here. ( and fashion in any sense does count as proper therapy!)

Maybe it is just an excuse of mine to run as it is actually my sense of calm. Either way, I make it a habit to take photos when running in locations I want to remember or those I merely adore even close to home.  There is surely a culmination of photos of my running shoes in the past years, in various locations.

Making it an eventful mission to climb atop some bridge or mountaintop view is ambitious and a great way to challenge yourself with a reward.  Let me be realistic! Often there is just not time for that. You can always find an extra hour (maybe losing a bit of sleep!) and give yourself a good reason to wake up earlier when needed.

Of course, since running, these photos are always taken with my I-phone.  While it is always great to capture an image with the best sunlight and clarity, that is not the goal here.  Run wherever you are, working or traveling, sunshine or clouds and if you are actually ‘running’ 2 or 3 photos is enough. After all, keep running and move along! You might even have time for croissants afterwards! haha (Hello… Paris.. I hope to run with you again!)

I will select some photos from my two runs in London as well…..To be continued.

Your running shoes can always fit in your suitcase.  Just get out there and run… You never know what you will ‘run’ into! It is all part of the journey!

Siegessäule Berlin running photo

Brandenburg Tor Running

Brandenburg Tor 15 Aug 2014