Black is Always in Style!

Yes… Black is always in style!

Shown below, the Ferragamos with metallic gold interior stems that are oh so comfortable as well as the LK Bennett platform pumps that I know can last over 20 blocks and which I have had re-soled a few times. (I think I need a new pair)

I know it is summer and bright hues or white all over can be colorful and vivacious. Let’s just be honest though. Personally, most days, I am fairly straightforward.  Well many days too consumed or perhaps ‘confused’ to achieve a sense of color coordination.  We all have those days! (maybe?) 🙂 ) Regardless, you really cannot have too many black dresses or shoes for that matter.  Not to mention, you can wear the same black dress several times with different pairs of shoes or shade of lip color and no one truly cares or takes notice!  Alright who cares if they do!  This can mean silk, embroidery of any kind paired with any light fabric, cotton, chiffon, sheath dress, baby doll, pencil skirt….. The list goes on.  Also, with the humidity, I just cannot take it to wear pants or denim for that matter very often unless the temperature dips like it did this weekend.  One of my black dresses is my go-to piece! Last minute. To the rescue! And I am sorry, but red wine, sangria or even the perpetual summer rose for that matter does not look good on a white dress! Black is much more sensible.  It’s alright. You are not the only one that is thinking that way!

You can always accessorize with an emerald necklace or gem of your liking and put on that ever so lovely and romantic rouge that just never seems to get lost it’s appeal.  I am not depressed nor do I have a lack of affection for color.  Perhaps in NY it is somewhat acceptable and a bit of a go-to ensemble to always arrive in black. Just smile and do not be afraid to dance in your serious shoes. (That slips off my tongue as I remember dancing in the shoes shown above with a dear friend recently in heaven)  There you go.  Serious shoes that can work their way on the dance floor! Take my word for it!

So, in a no-nonsense state of mind, above and below are my the two pumps I do wear and can affirm are comfortable day or night. (That does not mean you should run a race in them. Just keep your head high and do not flinch if it starts to rain or a long walk is in the horizon! Ferragamo’s are timeless! No explanation necessary! Strong soles!

Stay strong from head to toe!

Ferragamo Pumps and Black Peplum