Summer Running with a View

Running in the summer can have it’s caveats. Long runs when the humidity is on the rise and the sun is blazing can be a challenge in more ways than one.  Whether you will wake up early to catch the cooler morning air or attempt to ‘punish yourself’ at a later hour, as I like to call it, it is usually rewarding and can be a great way to get some sun and even a little bit of a tan!  That hour or so can be your consistent venture outside that you fit into your schedule to keep your mind and body flowing.  While those that do not run might not understand, a long run can be one of the most peaceful and sometimes creative time of the day.  Personally I can wear SPF 70, and still get a tan.  On that note, a confession…. running in the dessert is not included. I give credit to those of you that run in the dessert.

Of course running is also quite an efficient way to sight see when on vacation or traveling.  It can be motivating to run the distance to that bridge or monument.
The photo above is in the center of the George Washington Bridge facing south with the Manhattan skyline below.  So this is a local photo for me but I would like to brainstorm on some future excursions.

Let’s face it! If you feel and look chic and at least attempt to coordinate your running ensemble in some way or another, pushing yourself to find some competition along the reservoir track or in the park is just much more fun!  No I am not a stalker.  (But this does ignite flashbacks of when I paced off of a fairly attractive man along the river in Paris. I believe I did appear like a crazy American) Although, aside from that, if running alone, finding someone with a good pace can bring out that energy you don’t have when running solo!

Nike Running in Plum


1) Lunar Glide Running Shoe 2) Air Pegasus Retro Joggers  3) Pro Core 3″ Compression Shorts 4)  Embossed Shorts 5) Nike Pro Sports Bra 6) Skylon Ace Glasses 7) Dri Fit Hat

My favorite running shoes are  Nike Pegasus but having Nike Pro sports bras in every color you love is just a great idea! (Black, white and gray as staples).

Above, some of my favorite running pieces for summer.  These Lunar Glide shoes are reflective.  Shall we say Flash Run!  Nike Pro Compression shorts really are incredibly comfortable and just make you feel lighter in my opinion.  Sunglasses…. Hats are great but let’s say these are on my wishlist because it is not sexy when you get a bug in your eye!  I included the Nike Air Pegasus 83 Retro trainers because I just love them!  Perfect for casual afternoons in jeans or ‘running to that flight’.

While not intentional, a tribute to radiant orchid being the color of the year! A vibrant and confident way to run in style!

Where is favorite place is to run where there is an amazing view!? I would love to compile a list and share!