Red White and Blueberries!

In the spirit of July 4th and this Independence Day weekend in the US, wearing red white and blue can just make it feel more like summer. Of course I don’t think there needs to be a reason to wear red sandals (hence my throwback wearing red suede sandals in Rome), but pinstripes and nautical inspired pieces make you want to sail away and absorb the sun.¬† I was compelled to gather a wishlist of some fabulous whilst classic items in red white and blue that will brighten any summer day and evening! I mean these are the days of staying up too late and then not getting as much sleep since its too beautiful outside to not wake up.

Yes… Why am I sharing a photo of what I will say was a delicious blueberry cobbler!? It is a very suiting July 4th dessert! Well for some reason, aside from being beautiful blue, there is this resonating theme of blueberries that just keeps coming back.¬† Well blueberries are supposed to be amazing for you with all those antioxidants and good for the skin so I mean it must be a good thing!

Blueberry Cobbler

My favorite experiment with blueberries this past week was with at the bottom of my champagne glass! Now that is a colorful way to toast! Cheers!
What are your favorite ways to enjoy blueberries?