Dreaming of Snowflakes

Who else is looking forward to snowflakes? While there were merely a few minutes of snowfall last week, the excitement of snow and that feeling that is in the air when it is about to snow had me smiling. It was just a preview as it did not stick to the ground but it makes me blush and feel positive for some reason.

Perhaps winter snowfall is comforting because I have been somewhat of an insomniac the past few nights. This could be a good sign. Well there is something calming and peaceful about waking up to look out the window  to see snowflakes through your window whether you slept like a baby or awoke suddenly while feeling tense about taking a leap of faith.

Moncler Snow Boots SoHo

Moncler Lace Up Leather Trim Boots in SOHO New York

Snow falling on city streets or in the forest is romantic and peaceful BUT reality says you cannot hibernate and boots are made for walking!

Whether you love it or not, if it snows, we should be prepared. Honestly, I like to say that black is always in style and well I think if you want to get one pair of boots that will still look chic on any day of the week, this is a safe way to go. Also, as much as white might look beautiful, white of any sort of material will get dirty. I do not care what you do. It is inevitable. Wearing a dress and tights with some comfy snow boots might not be as alluring as putting on those heels but you will be warmer and I think it is still a bit sexy!

Red patent leather or royal blue does sound fun but let’s save that for another time. For this moment, whether for a Christmas gift or to invest in a pair of snow boots that will keep you cozy on any winter day, my selection below reflects a sense of chic black boots in the snow! It is not worth falling on your butt. Luxuriously warm and still a bit lust worthy!

My favorite are the Moncler lace up leather trim boots that I spotted at the boutique in SOHO earlier this fall. A subtle touch with purple laces.

Doesn’t snow just make you happy?!! It might be warm right as I am typing this with the sun shining BUT it will snow soon and I will start dancing in the snow or rather galloping with excitement!