Making of a Shoe via Ferragamo!

It can be hard to not become mesmerized by videos providing a glimpse into the shoe making process whether local artisans or the eponymous house of Ferragamo setting the standard and tradition of quality craftsmanship.  I thought this video from Ferragamo, displaying the ‘making of a shoe’ in such a harmonious presentation of the creation would be enjoyable for any other readers who are amazed by the art of shoes and the process of creating them.

Quite suiting that this video features a timeless red Salvatore Ferragamo pump; a patent leather as bright as that rouge lip that that never ceases to hold that special “ARA.” From the 3-D image in motion providing the dimensions for the pattern to stretching the leather and placing the toe cap perfectly along the outer sole, the details are ever so essential and attribute to what makes each shoe so elegant even before you slide them on!

If the visual of a red heel sparked your interest in a classic red shoe that you always wished you had, here is an assortment of true red soles… No embellishments necessary. Only for special events or BOLD moments in my opinion.