NIKES in PARIS: Running on La Seine

Eiffel Tower Nikes Clouds

That’s me in my red Nikes in Paris! Part of the joy of visiting any location, particularly Paris in my opinion is making the time, sunrise, sunset or a cloudy afternoon, to explore the city by going on a long run. You are able to absorb the landscape and architecture but also the energy AND exercise at the same time! I often find that I will discover much more from unique stores, or restaurants that I might not have discovered if I was not running past them.

Here I wanted to share some photos taken on my I-phone from runs during my short visit to Paris. Of course I had to stop to take photos along the way but the run from to the Eiffel tower from where I was staying and back well worth it. Once I wanted to pick up the pace I ran below the road closet to the water and found many other runners. I realized i was lucky to have been there when the water was not too high. Yes. I was running and these are not the most glamorous photos but sometimes those are the best moments when we are having fun and not worried about how our lipstick looks or if our hair is surely not perfect! Au natural in my Nikes!

Paris - Place Dauphine

Paris La Seine - Locks of Love

Locks of Love at Pont Des Arts

Eiffel Tower Park - Paris

Eiffel Tower Park Alle Paul DeschanelPark right near the Eiffel Tower…

Eiffel Tower - Nikes in Paris

Bastille - ParisBastille

Pont de Sully - ParisAt Pont de Sully. I think I could have used some sunglasses! I am not always good with not blinking in photos!

Wearing my Nike Pegasus in red and Dri Fit jacket (because it was not quite summer yet!) near Pont De Sully! My favorite color so far! Running near any river is always relaxing in my opinion. Those are my most peaceful moments.

Share a favorite destination that you like to run in any city or landscape!

Personally, I feel I enjoy running in a city like Paris because of all that you see and the people around you are an inspiration,  just like in Central Park or Hyde Park in London or even the Zoo Garten in Berlin.

I would love to create a list and share!