Fringe Boots

Feeling Fringe Inspiration

Feeling a bit adventurous? Fringe boots or even the term fringe is making me feel slightly outlandish. If normally teetering on the side of simplicity and items lacking so much embellishment, fringe boots or fringe skirts and the like are still versatile. Fringe adds a playful element and a softer touch to bold pieces. I am feeling the fringe!


Run Free: Why do you run?

Freedom Tower Run Sunlight

Why do you run? Many of us run for different reasons. As some might say, what is your excuse to run? or what do you run for? You may decide to start running for a cause or train for an event. Whatever your reason to run, Run Free and be thankful you can. Many of us may have a different reason to want to simply run, to run faster or reach that distance.


Fall Flats: Driving Shoes

LK Bennett Driving Shoes in Autumn

Loving these LK Bennett driving shoes.¬† Flats, driving shoes, loafers, moccasins….. Whichever you prefer to call them, flats are more so than ever understood to be a true wardrobe staple for serious ladies and men alike.¬† The classic driving shoe,


London Run!

Big Ben Running

I would be happy to provide snap shots running in new cities around the world every week. Surely makes it more interesting in my opinion. Until then, as promised, here are some overdue photos with my Nikes in London, in the last week of August.


Nikes in Berlin….

Reichstag Building - Nikes on the Water

Where in the world have you been running lately? Here are a few photos I took while running in Berlin last month, from Siegess√§ule to Brandenburg Tor and the Reichstag Building. Your running shoes can always fit in your suitcase. Just get out there and run… You never know what you will ‘run’ into! It is all part of the journey!


Black is Always in Style!

Black Always In Style Rouge Lip

Black is always in style! You really cannot have too many black dresses or shoes. So, in a no-nonsense state of mind, below are my the two pumps I do wear and can affirm are comfortable day or night. Serious shoes that can work their way on the dance floor! Take my word for it! Ferragamo’s are timeless! No explanation necessary! Strong soles!

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Lust Worthy Soles!