Black is Always in Style!

Black Always In Style Rouge Lip

Black is always in style! You really cannot have too many black dresses or shoes. So, in a no-nonsense state of mind, below are my the two pumps I do wear and can affirm are comfortable day or night. Serious shoes that can work their way on the dance floor! Take my word for it! Ferragamo’s are timeless! No explanation necessary! Strong soles!


Summer Love!! With Barneys Warehouse Sale

Barneys Warehouse Sale Collage 2

Remember that saying on Sex and the City when ‘Carrie’ says……”If you are a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys!” You might not be ready to waltz into Barneys and grab a pair of timeless pointy toe Manolo pumps or Aquazurra snakeskin sandals BUT Barneys Warehouse Sale on the other hand is amazing and forgiving on the wallet!


Summer Running with a View in Radiant Orchid

Running with a View

Summer running can have it’s caveats. Venturing out to run those long runs when the humidity is on the rise and the sun is blazing can be a challenge in more ways than one. Below is a collage of some of my favorite running pieces for summer. A bit of a tribute to radiant orchid being the color of the year! A vibrant and confident way to run in style!


Red White and Blueberries!

Red Suede Sandals in Rome

In the spirit of July 4th and this Independence Day weekend in the US, wearing red white and blue can just make it feel more like summer. Of course I don’t think there needs to be a reason to wear red sandals (hence my throwback wearing red suede sandals in Rome), but pinstripes and nautical inspired pieces make you want to sail away and absorb the sun.


Soul Confessions – Joie de Vivre

Water Shot Memorial Day 2014

How can you not love those days in the summer when all you need to be wearing is a simple black bikini and a smile. I surely do not take those days for granted. While I still have my mind on white Bond Girl bikini, you can’t go wrong with classic black, red toe nails and a light fedora or large brim hat! Work the hats!


Dreaming of Snowflakes

Eileen Marie Snow Photo - one Eye 2

Who else is looking forward to snowflakes? Snow falling on city streets or in the forest is romantic and peaceful BUT reality says you cannot hibernate and boots are made for walking! My favorite are the Moncler lace up leather trim boots that I spotted at the boutique in SOHO earlier this fall.

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